Wafflehouse American Diner - Open 7 days 9am - 10pm * 108 High Road, Bushey Heath WD23 1GE
T: 0208 950 9999


Wafflehouse American Diner


12" Pepperoni & Onion with added peppers topping
pancake   pancake choc nuts
Banana, Strawberry, Kiwi with Nutella on Waffle   Chocolate & Hazlenut on Pancakes
pancake strawbs banana   waffle strawbs
Banana and Strawberries on Pancake with Maple Syrup   Strawberries with Dark Chocolate Sauce on Waffle
waffles   ice cream
Waffle and Strawberries   Ice-Cream with Selection of Sauces
smoothies   smoothies
Selection of Smoothies   Strawberries and Marshmallow
salt beef rye  
Salt Beef on Rye with Latke Potatoe, Gherkin and Coleslaw   Calamari and Chicken Goujons (specials menu)
Slush Puppy   Dessert 1
Slush Puppie